Four tips to help you prepare your house for sale this fall.

Summer is over, school has started, and the weather is starting to mellow out. It’s fall, and I know some people are thinking of listing their homes. Here are four tips for selling your home this fall:

1. Pay attention to your curb appeal.​​​​ Don’t go too crazy with fall decorations and keep up with your landscaping. I suggest going to your local plant store to learn which plants and flowers work best during the fall season.

2. Go easy on Halloween decorations. Stay away from any decorations that are too gory, violent, or scary. You don’t want to deter any buyers.

3. Let natural light inside your home during showings. When you’re getting your house ready for buyers, ensure all the blinds are open and that natural light comes in.

4. Emphasize a warm and cozy space. Many buyers will purchase based on their feeling, so we want to ensure that your home gives off a comforting and cozy vibe.

If you have any questions, reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to help you.